About us

Our company

TCP are pioneers of engineering. Our strong foundation and expertise in the development and supply of technologically advanced and economically improved products, allows us to be the best at what we do. Through innovating solutions, our uniquely tailored products cater to the needs of every sector in the oil refining, chemical gold mining, forestry energy and other industries, and add value to their needs. Having realized that a critical factor of success in any venture is the access to specific industry knowledge, the company is founded and articulated by a team of leading industry professionals, strategic partners, and business associates, which in turn enables us to strive for our customers and offer a wide range of premium and performance- oriented products.

What we do

We offer you unparalleled services to transform your requirements into winning market attributes in the oil refining, chemical gold mining, forestry and energy industries. From superior lubricant additives and rubbers to unique polymers and construction chemicals, we offer solutions for many sectors. TCP delivers diverse solutions and raw materials, whilst complying with industrial specifications. Our vast, resilient resources and strong technological database optimizes our reliability, efficiency, and lifespan of our customer’s finished products.

Our Values

Our strengths are attributed to our determination and drive to best support our customers. Yet, our devotion essentially ascends from the core of our values, that form the heart of our corporation and shape our operations.

Customer Centricity
Embracing the shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric market, we are committed to a high-quality customer service and provide reliable solutions, which go miles in establishing long term relationships that is founded upon mutual support and trust.
We believe in delivering innovatively designed products and solutions to meet distinct requirements, enabling our clients to become market leaders. Innovation is our key component in creating an extensive portfolio and expanding the horizons of our client’s potential.
We value unity in diversity to grow as an internationally acclaimed corporation. From our multi-cultural work environment to strong industrial networks across the globe, we, at TCP, assist you as a truly global company.