Product scouting
Finding the ideal solution for your company through scouting gives you the foundation you need to improve production capabilities. We continuously look for new and emerging chemicals, technologies, materials, and configurations that our clients can use to produce ground-breaking results through the expansion of our global partnerships. With our extensive network, we can quickly source the best solutions thanks to our out-of-category search techniques. This enables our clients to keep their competitive edge and guarantees the provision of high-quality products to the market.
Global network of petrochemical products scouts
Retail & competitiveness assessment
Sample scouting/sourcing
Research and Development
Oil and gas is a high-tech sector where businesses, scientists, and engineers constantly push the limits of what is attainable in terms of energy production and energy discovery. The industry's ability to meet the world's energy demand depends on new methods and innovations developed via research and development, and this dependence will only grow as it overcomes present and upcoming obstacles. We at TPC give our clients the freedom and opportunity to pursue the improvements they require.
Laboratory tests
Recipe adjustments
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